• "Committed towards giving best value to customers in terms of yields and quality"
  • "Committed to understand, meet and, when possible, exceed our customer expectations"
  • "Deliver quality products on-time, at the most competitive cost possible"

Quality Control Infrastructure
  • Highly trained Manpower
  • Follow SOP's/External/Internal Audit Reports/Approvals/Recalls
  • Quality Policy/ Site Master plan/Water manual/Validation Master Plan
  • QC lab instruments are adequate wrt sensitivity, operational parameters, measurement characteristics and make - model.
  • Follow GMP procedures /Contamination controls/Cleaning procedures.
  • QC- infrastructure

Instrument Make Model Nos
GC Nucon 5765,5700 02
HPLC Shimadzu/Agilent LC10AT VP, LC2010 A HT, 1200 series 03
UV-Spect Kompakt 01
KF apparatus Veego, Systronics Matic-D, 349 02
Digital weighing balance Range-Min 0.0001g &Maximum 200.0000g Mettler Tolado AE-200, JB1603-C/FACT 02
Vacuum Oven Pathak, Shivaki 02
Muffle Furance Nutronics 01
LOD chamber Pathak 01
pH Meter Toshcon CL 50+ 01
Deep Freezer Blue Star 01
Sonicator Chromospec 105L50H 01
Milli Q Water Purifier Millipore 01
Freezer LG GL-245TMG4/2007 01